MorexTrading is an exclusive sales agent for AVISA Aloe Vera products

About the product:

image005In Fuerteventura, the plant finds the best conditions for optimal growth. For the careful preparation of our exclusive CANARYALOE® and cosmetics line only the Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, growing naturally in the Canary Islands, is used. Due to its high concentration of active ingredient, it is used in particular in the pharmaceutical industry as valuable raw materials for refining Supplier of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products worldwide. For several years our highly specialized pharmaceutical laboratories investigate, develop and produce a careful product line of the highest quality and purity.

The manufacturing process is based on the generations of traditional, cold-pressed and gentle way of manufacture. The results are products with 99.6% pure Aloe Vera. The high quality of products allows us to not only provide finished products but also Aloe Vera as a raw material for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Decisive for this is firstly the production philosophy:

“We undergo the fresh plants as few manufacturing steps as possible, hardly temperature fluctuations and use only 5-6 years old Aloe Vera fresh leaves, whose agents could unfold over the years.” The constant development of these processes using recognized research institutions (Universidad Las Palmas, Universidad Barcelona and California Davies University) and taking into account relevant biologically findings made it possible for us to expand the range of products constantly.”

Plants for Canarian Aloe Vera products are cultivated according to natural and ecological standards.

We are members of the Canary Association of organic farming, commercial register no. 1791F.

Muestra Triptico Aloe Muestra Triptico Aloe

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